What happens when you skip roof cleaning?

28th March 2021

Cleaning the roof is an essential front line of your home. It is the main base to structure your entire house, and failing to clean your roof will lead to multiple disadvantages for your Liverpool house, business, or health. Along with the active benefits of cleaning your roof, here are the disadvantages of not cleaning the roof. It includes a risk of damaging the decks, metal flashing, sidewalls, chimney, etc. 

Just Clean Property Care is here to list the things that can happen if you decide that cleaning your roof is not an important task.

It allows debris to build up

Not cleaning your roof creates space for unwanted waste materials, specks of dust, fallen branches, leaves, among others. A dirty roof will generate several dirt issues that will be hard to get rid of once it goes overboard. That is why you have to note what a clean roof does to your house or business. With excessive debris and waste materials, it is no easy for you to eliminate all at once. The chances are high that you will find debris spreading all over the roof if not removed quickly. Anything that builds excessively in one time will take a huge toll on your time. 

It leads to stains, algae, lichens, mold, and moss

Growth of algae, lichens, mold, and moss are the top problems for a dirty roof. Whenever you forget or refuse to clean your roof, you will see these fungal organisms colonising a vast majority on the rooftop. It will further spread its stains and streaks on shingles.

It will then debilitate the decks and sidewalls attached to your rooftop. Overall, all the fungal organisms will weaken your rooftop base, which will cause it to grow dirty and smelly. When contacted with fungal organisms, the roof seems to have a greater risk of destroying its sheets and producing a foul odour. You would not want your roof to make a foul odour, and that contributes in skipping roof-cleaning.

Breakage and Leakage

Breakage and leakage in the roof can be annoying and challenging to tackle. It breaks the essence of your rooftop, and it leads to the disclosure of liquid inside your house and room. Not only will it destroy your rooftop, but it will also disable you from living peacefully. You cannot expect to live peacefully under a roof that continually drips liquid inside the building. It will create a nuisance, dirtiness, and more trouble for you. This means that the more dirty your roof is, the more likely it is to break and leak. It happens because germs or debris absorb your rooftop with its rising dirt. To get rid of it all, you need to check your entire roof sheets to remove any leakage or cracking. Implementing this method to control breakage and leakage will bring adequate maintenance to your roof. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, everything stated so far, not cleaning your roof would damage your house, office, and health, so our service makes sure to perform roof-cleaning regularly and professionally for your own benefit.