What You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

What You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

1st June 2021

What You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

1st June 2021

Cleaning your roof regularly not only keeps it clean but extends its durability. Many homeowners take a clean roof as a beautiful aspect of their house. 

To help you more on keeping your roof clean and durable, here are some things you need to know about roof cleaning.

Roof cleaning is a good investment for you

However well you clean your roof, there’s still a difference between a roof cleaned by the homeowner and a roof cleaned by a professional. Usually, what a professional does is that they will not only clean your roof thoroughly but also check out if there are any cracks, damages or broken shingles in your roof. This will ensure that you repair your roof in time not to spend additional money or even buy a roof prematurely in the long run.

Moss and algae are equally destructive for your roof

Most homeowners clean their roofs only when moss and algae have fully extended throughout the roof. Compared to other organisms like mould or mildew, moss and fungi do not create any health hazards for people. But, it is equally destructive for your house. Some homeowners do not remove moss from their roof, thinking that it looks better that way, but to have moss in your roof is to retain a lot of moisture in your roof. This moisture will not only destroy your roof but also prove damaging to your house’s structure. Therefore, it is good to wash your roof before algae or moss sets in your roof permanently.

You should know the difference between a pressure wash and a soft wash

It is important to know the difference between a pressure wash and a soft wash for your roof. Many homeowners do not differentiate between using a pressure wash or a power wash and damage their roofs when they try to wash the roofs by themselves. A soft washer has a lower pressure as compared to a pressure wash. It is recommended for older houses with aged shingles, while you can use a pressure wash on newer and formidable shingles. A professional roof cleaner from Blackburn, upon quick inspection, can decide whether you need a soft wash or pressure wash for your roof according to the roof’s quality. 

Do not rent and use a power wash if you do not know how to use the equipment. 

Many homeowners make the mistake of simply renting a power wash and try to clean their roofs. They do this, intending to try to save up money instead of calling professional help. Trying to use a power wash when you do not know how to use is damaging for your roof. You may end up loosening, damaging and destroying your shingles, chimney or gutter in the process, making you spend more money instead. 


Power cleaning your roof is essential to remove all dirt, algae or moss completely and thoroughly from your roof. If you know how to clean the roof by yourself, it is well and good. But, you can call professional help if you want to free yourself from all this stress and hassle of time-consuming work.