What you should know about roof cleaning

What you should know about roof cleaning

24th May 2021

What you should know about roof cleaning

24th May 2021

The starting point of every human tale is home, the joy of every human. So, there is a surge in keeping the interior of the house beautiful and clean. But have you considered cleaning the roof? Is it yes or never? Many neglect this part in the process of maintaining a beautiful home.

What is your reaction? If your response is negative, you need to pull up your socks as we know that deposits of every kind are expected to collect on the roof over a certain period. Rainfall is expected to wash off most dirt, but algae, moss, and lichen will stubbornly stain your top.

So, how do you manage your roof? Read ahead to learn more.

Why cleaning a roof is required?

In your plan of spring cleaning, cleaning a roof may not be included. Nevertheless, you are required to clean the roof either with the help of cleaning professionals or yourself.

It is essential to clean your rooftop because leaving it unattended will result in shortening the longevity of the roof.

Let us discuss the three ways of roof cleaning in Cheshire:

Avail yourself a garden sprayer

If you plan to clean the roof on your own, combining a chemical mixture of 50% water and 50% bleach with a garden sprayer would be the most desirable suggestion. Mildew and shingles can be removed using a scrub.

Pressure washing is another procedure.

Pressure washing can be applied when you require to remove moss, leaves, and other dirt. However, before opting for this method, remember that no roofs are alike, nor the pressure washer. It could lead to damaging the rooftop. So, precautions are needed if you are opting for this method of cleaning.

Low-pressure cleaning can also be applied.

This kind of washing method is adapted only by roof cleaning professionals. It is advisable to let them handle the issue as they are more knowledgeable in handling the matter. Professionals also know how much pressure is required to avoid any damage to the roof. Low-pressure cleaning is done when the roof taints are stubborn.

How to begin cleaning the roof?

  • Always wash the drain. Ensure that the drain is washed thoroughly while cleaning the roof to prevent moisture from seeping under the roofing materials. It is necessary to wash your drain once every year.
  • Don’t leave loose rubble. Before cleaning, be sure that all the residues are removed. It will not let water slide down and prevent the drain from blockage.
  • Be watchful while cleaning the roof. Cleaning a roof is the most dangerous job.
  • If you have chosen power wash to clean your rooftop, ensure precaution and see that the sprayer is set on the lowest mode.


Cleaning and maintaining a spotless roof may not be a desirable job, yet it is essential. We need to understand that roofing is like a stake.

We need to maintain it and ensure that it is in a good state and make sure no deface occurs while cleaning.