The Importance Of Roof Cleaning

Why You Should Use Roof Cleaning Services

14th April 2021

Why You Should Use Roof Cleaning Services

14th April 2021

Just as you need to keep the inside of your home clean, it is important to clean the outside too. In this case, it’s the roof of the house! Cleaning the roof not only gives it a great appeal but also gives protection from weakening, too. So, why should you regularly opt for roof cleaning services? Keep reading to find out!

Prevents lichens

Lichens are nothing but slow-growing plants that inhibit surfaces like walls, trees, rocks, and even roofs. These plants spread their roots deep inside the roofs. This, in turn, results in the breaking down of the asphalt granules, leading to stains and pock-marks. With the help of roof cleaning services, you can rest assured that any trace of lichens will be removed, thus keeping your roof strong and sturdy.

Prevents algae

One of the main reasons you should opt for roof cleaning services is to prevent the growth of algae. These organisms thrive in humid temperatures and spread at a fast rate. When these organisms grow in your roof’s shingles, they can cause a destructive effect. That’s because algae feed off the moisture that certain shingles hold on to. Eventually, the roof will lose its UV rays reflection ability and rot the shingles.

Prevents roof moss

Roof moss also grows in shaded, damp areas. Just like algae and lichens, roof moss gets itself deep-rooted into the roof materials as well as the areas in between the shingles. Not only that, but it also holds in the moisture while keeping the roof damp. This way, its growth is inevitable, and there is a deterioration of the roofing materials. So, by opting for roof cleaning every once in a while, you can make sure that roof moss is kept at bay, and you can keep your roof safe from any further destruction.

How Effective Are Roof Cleaning Services?

As read above, Bolton’s best roof cleaning services prevent the formation of algae, lichens and moss to a large extent. This is so because roof cleaning services use cleaning methods and chemical mixtures that are very effective. Usually, the experts will leave a mixture on the roof so that the roots of these organisms are totally destroyed. This mixture will also ensure the prevention of further growth.

Ideally, it is recommendable to inspect your roof once every year to make sure there is no growth or discolouration. The best seasons are fall and spring to ensure security and safe functioning of the roof. In case you find that the roof is covered in moss, algae or lichens, make sure that you contact the nearest roof cleaning service. This way, the experts can take care of the unwanted organisms and debris. 


So, these are some of the reasons why you need to opt for roof cleaning services for ensuring the safety as well as the beauty of your roof. Remember, just because you don’t see any of the debris on your roof, it doesn’t mean that your roof is well-protected. So, make haste and contact roof cleaning services today!